Manage and monitor all your UC, USB, and AV devices in one user interface.

Simplify uses a cloud-based management platform that simplifies AV/IT/UC monitoring complexity by efficiently managing many UC devices and brands over multiple project sites in a single user interface.

This tool consolidates multiple UC management and network monitoring tools into one easy-to-use platform.

Monitoring platform on desktop and laptop

UCaaS Support

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Device Monitoring

Hardware VTC Codecs

Efficiently manage rooms across multiple platforms. Seamless integration provides details of room performance.

PC & USB Device Support

Unlike traditional UC service management utilities, Simplify can monitor USB microphones and cameras in Zoom Rooms.

IOT, AV, and IT Device Support

Assign and manage Networked AV, and IoT devices associated with a Poly, Cisco, Teams, or Zoom collaboration spaces. Consolidate device management of UC work spaces.

Zoom Room PC

Simplify Monitor plugin running on a Zoom Room PC will allow you to go beyond standard Zoom API monitoring:

  • Reboots Zoom application
  • Reboot PC Running Zoom Application
  • Control audio volume
  • USB device failover preferences
  • Device and system self-healing
Zoom room on PC

Systems Integration


Integrates easily into a Teleportivity Qrideo slide content for device remediation in a Poly or Cisco Room.

An end user with a cell phone simply scans the QR/NFC tag on a QR or NFC code to see current health and status of a Zoom room and request a system reboot be initiated if there are existing issues in the room. No App Required.

Instant support

Instant Support

Connect instantly to relevant support contacts through a variety of methods that can provide space or product-specific assistance. No searching required. Use our support resources or yours. Combine with any other Teleportivity technology for an exceptional interaction.

Whether your Teleportivity support is being provided by internal or external personnel, the responding agent is equipped with the space-specific knowledge to professionally assist the user.

Augmented Reality

Allow your support agents to annotate images from the user’s mobile device. Example use cases:

  • On a video call, support utilizes a screenshot of a data cabinet to note which button should be pressed or cable should be pulled.
  • On a college campus, support draws virtually on a map to guide a lost student to their unique destination.
  • In a residential setting, support shows a user how to change an amplifier input without the need for an on-site visit.
Augmented Reality support
Instant access from anywhere

Information In One Place

  • Eliminate searching for information. Instantly access files such as documents, PDFs, and images.
  • Instant access to relevant videos applicable to the space, situation, or user needs.
  • Keep track of relevant data. Space-specific information that can be updated on the fly, including forms, spreadsheets, and checklists.
  • Connect to any space or product-specific, web-based URL.

So Many Possibilities

concierge and reception support

Concierge & Reception Desk

  • Registration forms
  • Information
  • Live video assistance
space-based support

Space-Based Solutions

  • Customized session material
  • Room-specific tech support, access, device reboot
  • Technician site-specific info (ex: instructions)
retail support


  • Access latest product information
  • Communicate to the sales and support team
  • Optimize with video, text, phone, or augmented reality (AR)

Place Them Anywhere

Create and deploy thousands of dynamic QR / NFC / web links wherever a user may need more space-specific information:

Place dynamic support QR codes anywhere
Teleportivity features

Real-time support

Augmented Reality

Whether your Teleportivity support is being provided by internal or external personnel, the responding agent is equipped with the space-specific knowledge to professionally assist the user.

During a support call, the responding agent receives:

  • Notification of location
  • Account-specific details
  • Space-specific details (room diagrams, etc)
  • Instant access to support information and docs
Representative offering real time support during a sales demo

AI Attendee Monitoring

Make informed, intelligent meeting space decisions while ensuring that you are using office space optimally.

‘People Count’ AI reporting for Zoom Rooms with the Jabra Panacast 2 camera.

See instantly how many people are attending an active meeting and run reports, on prior meetings for an average attendance.


Logitech Sync Integration

Going beyond monitoring, Simplify enables you to perform firmware updates for Logitech Sync-enabled devices, directly from Simplify’s dashboard.


Alert Notifications

Via Slack | Simplify | Email 

When an issue is detected, receive alerts in three easy ways to best fit your communication style. Quickly select the notifications you want and turn off the ones you don’t.


The CXSupport+ personnel pairs the power of CXDetect with dedicated support personnel to actively monitor devices, and equipment.

CXSupport+ goes beyond the break / fix methodology by ensuring your investments are proactively working. Before walking into the room, before the presentation begins, the class starts, or you’re ready to entertain…your space is waiting for you.

Reduce truck rolls by over 90%

By using the CXDetect management infrastructure, our resolution center can manage your AV rooms, devices, and systems  globally 24/7 and can answer phone calls from your end users when issues arise ensuring that when you DO have to roll a truck you know exactly what needs to be done, making truck rolls more efficient when needed.

illustration of a support rep communicating via mobile
An illustrated wheel of Simplify Managed support services including tech support, remote CX, device alerts, mobile support and CX dashboard
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